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Logic will take you from A to Z, imagination
will take you everywhere. — Einstein

Hello to everyone visiting this page. Visual Crave is the brain child of yours truly — Marina. 

I live for the simple pleasures in life; early mornings, soulful music, coffee in bed, and just trying to enjoy life to the fullest. I am passionate about creating a more fair world. I believe humans still have a long way to get to the best versions of themselves. So let's work together to flex our intelligence, kindness, and power of good to change that.

Outside of photography, I'm a designer, cyclist, activist and stay close to those that help me be a better person each day.

Photography is art, and I hope

mine speaks to you.

I was born in Moscow, and transplanted here at the age of 9. I still speak the language with my parents. 🇷🇺


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